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About the Canfield

The Saratoga Spas® Luxury Line provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy as well as state of the art conveniences. Through multiple styles, size options, and performance the Luxury Line will provide value and the confidence that you have made the right decision. The tradition of the Luxury Line is for all those who enjoy a little pampering from a busy life.

Features of the Canfield

Antimicrobial Filtration

The Antimicrobial Filtration is designed to inhibit odor, mold and mildew on the surface of the filter cartridge. The Multi Zone™ system is designed to circulate water through these Antimicrobial cartridges. This will ensure your spa water has been properly filtered.

Luxury Splash™ Lighting System

Illuminating your spa experience, bathed in the soft glow of multiple combinations, the Luxury Splash™ Lighting System is designed to be uniquely captivating.

Relax Stream™ LED Water Feature

Whether your spas enhanced atmosphere is activated by the Relax Stream™ Water Feature cascading down or the Laminar Jets sending forth rainbow fountains, this experience will be your warm water escape.

Vortex Jet™ Circulation

Saratoga Spas has redefined hydrotherapy with two power-massaging jets, and its Direct Impact™ Therapy system with Versa-Flo™ jets, Vortex Jet™ and Whisper Clean® jet

Whisper Clean® Jet

Saratoga’s revolutionary circulation system and jets cleanses and warms spa water constantly, efficiently and practically soundlessly.

Whisper Zone™ Ozone Generator

An environmentally friendly Ozone, a natural sanitizer, which helps provide a relaxing atmosphere in your spa. Each Luxury Model Spa is equipped with the Whisper Zone™ Ozone System. Enjoy the ease of maintenance and a comfortable water experience.

Treaded Footwell

A treaded footwell to keep grip on your feet while moving around in the hot tub.

TriLayer™ Spa Shell

The TriLayer™ Shell System uses Acrylic, ABS Plastic and Protegrity™ to create a spa shell with designed in durability.

Optional Features

Whisper Clean® System

Continuous Purity Circulation™, Continuous Microban® Filtration, Continuous Whisper Zone™ Ozonation

Luxury Insulation System

CoverAll™ Base (Includes Slide Rails), Full Foam Insulation, Deluxe Spa Cover

Luxury Sounds™ System

Enjoy music in the comfort of your spa with a variety of optional stereo upgrades. The Luxury Sounds™ system includes Bluetooth Streaming Audio Panel, Dual Speakers and subwoofer to fully immerse you in Luxury Sounds™!

Roto Stream® Manual Sequencing System

The patented Roto Stream® Sequencing System provides the spa user an automated massage experience, sequencing hydrotherapy automatically through the illustrated positions 1-4, while allowing the spa user to either control the speed of the experience or isolate a specific location any time during the massage.

Covana Automatic Hot Tub Covers

The addition of a Covana Automatic Spa Cover is your key to happiness! What if you could access your hot tub or swim spa with the simple turn of a key without ever again having to struggle with opening a cover or removing snow, ice, or other debris? With Covana, you can equip your spa with one of the highest insulation covers on the market and then transform it into one of the most easily accessible… all within a mere 20 seconds and with little effort!

The Luxury Spas

Explore The Luxury Spas from Saratoga Spas®. This collection can be seen at one of our showroom locations.

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