Explore Traditional & Infrared Finnleo Saunas

Enhance your indoor living space with the addition of a sauna. With a wide selection of both traditional and infrared saunas, finding the best unit for your lifestyle is an easier process than you might think. Especially when you have our expert team at your fingertips! Whether you’re looking to add recovery to a home gym area or you’d like to focus on self-care, there is a Finnleo Sauna for you.

Traditional Saunas

The Finnish are known for their cultural roots in saunas. These traditional rooms have heaters made of rocks with water ladled over them, and they're lined with wood panels to keep the structure intact.


The Finnleo 2-in-1 InfraSauna® is an innovative, unique product that offers a level of pleasure not achievable by traditional or infrared saunas. Users will be able to enjoy the benefits of both types at once in this one amazing experience!

Infrared Saunas

The Pure Infra sauna is an innovative breakthrough in the scientific world. The system heats up to your desired temperature within 90 seconds while using 20% less energy than other systems on average!

Custom-Cut Saunas

A Finnleo® Custom-Cut Sauna will give you a new way to relax and rejuvenate. Whether it's for your home, hotel room, or apartment building lobby - the possibilities are endless with one of these customized saunas!

Our Best-Selling Saunas

Finnleo indoor sauna rooms enhance any space. Master bathrooms become European spas, and home gyms come full-circle with pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery.

Looking to Finance?

Are you thinking about buying a sauna? We aim to provide a comfortable and convenient approach to sauna ownership through financing (Subject to approved credit). Provided by Wells Fargo, apply today to find out if you qualify for our sauna financing options. For more information, contact our team at Everything Billiards & Spas.
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