Sauna Heaters & Controls

Wall Mounted and Floor Standing

Sauna Heaters

Finnleo heaters are crafted for high performance. They offer the purest form of heat with a soft steam and even, gentle waves of heat that keep the atmosphere irresistibly perfect. Choose from a range of options to suit every taste and sauna room, each offering a unique expression of the pure sauna experience.

Classic Heaters

Blackline Heaters

Woodburning Heaters

Tonttu Heaters

Sauna Controls

 In the Finnleo pure sauna experience, the climate, timing, and comfort of your sauna is never a source of stress. Finnleo's controls are attractive and designed for years of dependable operation. Regardless of the option you choose, Finnleo sauna control units let you create the environment that’s perfect for you—easily and intuitively.

Elite Control

SaunaLogic2 Control with Worldwide Mobile App

Pure 2.0 Control

Digi VII Control

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