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Boost Your Health and Happiness with a Home Sauna

Discover the exceptional relaxation experience that Finnleo saunas have to offer. Equipped with the latest innovative sauna features, our saunas feature advanced heating technology, ergonomic seating, LED illumination, smart temperature control, and digital controls, among others.

As a leading brand in the industry, Finnleo saunas are highly regarded around the world for the many health and lifestyle benefits they can offer.

Spend more time with loved ones while enjoying the warmth of a sauna

Enjoy the great outdoors regularly, even during colder months

Ease muscle tension and joint pain with heat therapy

Improve sleep and reduce stress levels with regular sauna use

Experience more relaxation through self-care in the comfort of your own home

Elevate Your Wellness Journey with Our Saunas

The Ultimate Sauna Experience for a Better You

Starting From: $11,995
Starting From: $8,595
MSRP: $6,995
Starting From: $8,995
MSRP: $4,995
Starting From: $6,995

Our Best Selling Model

Transform Your Life with the Healing Power of Saunas



The Finleo IS565 sauna is the epitome of luxury and innovation. Featuring comfortable seating, even heating, and premium features like LED lighting and a sound system, it delivers the ultimate relaxation experience. An essential addition to any home wellness routine.

Features of the IS565 Sauna


Quality Built Saunas

Each Finnleo Sauna is crafted using premium, non-toxic wooden materials that are chosen with their quality and longevity in mind. This design sets the tone for long-term healing and rejuvenation via a natural approach.


Sauna Doors

Create a statement in your home with a sauna that acts as a focal piece. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors feature a European design and have several different options for you to choose from. Finnleo sauna doors are also equipped with an exclusive latching system for safety and laser-etched handles for style.


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