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Memphis Elite Grill

Made in the USA out of 18 gauge stainless steel, this wood pellet grill is an amazing addition to any outdoor cooking space.  With over 1250 square inches of cooking surface, you can cook anything you can think of, and more, all at the same time!  This unit holds 24 lbs of pellets and has dual convection fans for 100% even cooking.  Computer-controlled temperature settings allow you to smoke at low temps (180°) or sear at 700°.  The Memphis Elite is guaranteed to change and improve your grilling experience!  Available in Cart Model, or Built-in.

Memphis Pro Grill

Made with the same high-gauge stainless steel and the same double-walled construction as the Elite, the Memphis Pro Grill is a good option for the food connoisseur who wants the superior, pit-master taste, but who isn’t ever cooking for a large group.  Slightly smaller than the Elite, you still get the best of all worlds, functionally: smoker with real wood smoke, an oven, and a wood-fire grill.  Temperatures range from 180° to 650° and are precisely controlled to within 2° with the unique Memphis computer.  Also available in Built-in Model.

Memphis Advantage Grill

The Memphis Advantage is an incredibly versatile grill.  Get the same 3-in-1 cooking capabilities as with any other Memphis Grill.  The great-looking stainless steel finish combines with the 100% hardwood-pellet fuel system to help you create masterpieces of culinary distinction in your own backyard!  The Advantage sports a 200° to 600° temperature range, and a 12 lb pellet capacity.  Better taste, by far, when compared to propane, natural gas, or charcoal.  Easier than using your kitchen oven, and many more grilling options!

Memphis Select Grill

Impress your friends and family, and make the neighbors jealous, when you buy a Memphis Select Wood Fire pellet grill.  Smoke, grill, and bake like a pro – over real wood.  Trust me, you will never go back to gas or even charcoal once you taste food prepared over a wood-fire grill like a Memphis.  The Memphis Select model features the same Intelligent Temperature Control System with meat probe compatibility, is very easy to use, and will make you look like a better chef than you really are.  You’ve got to try it to believe it!