Cushion rubber is an integral part of the pool table as it provides the rebound of the ball off the rail. There is a designated height that the cushion rubber should be from the playing surface, which is determined by the profile of the rail and the rubber. It is applied with contact glue and cut to match the opening of the pocket accordingly. Each cushion should have the same amount of play in it and they should be checked all the way around the table. If there are any hard spots, then the whole set needs to be replaced. Some cushion rubber will become soft and spongy over time and will have a memory foam effect – this is also a sign of necessary replacement. When replacing cushions, the felt must also be replaced – something to keep in mind when looking at used tables, as this can drive up the cost of that “great used deal” considerably. We check the cushions on each used table we purchase and sell, and replace them if necessary, so the table will be in excellent playing condition for its new owners!