Cool Zone™

Be cool in your hot tub!

Caldera spas are great all the time, but now with our Cool Zone™ heating system, they're even better! The CoolZone™ heating system is a new innovation that lets you keep your hot tub warm when it's cold outside and comfortable all year long. So now you can enjoy your spa more often, no matter what the weather.

Flexible and Energy-efficient

 The CoolZone™ system cools your spa water to as low as 60 degrees, and when you’re ready to warm things up, it helps you. It can work with the spa heater to raise the temperature in a few hours, depending on factors like the outside air temperature. That means reduced energy costs and less time spent heating the water.

Is the CoolZone™ system right for me?

 The CoolZone™ system is the perfect choice for:

People living in hot climates

Parents with small children

Active adults seeking cold water therapy

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